Genetically Strong Day Old Chicks

Fully Automatic Hatching Process having Capacity of 1.9 Million

Leverage with high biosecurity in the farm.

Bovans White Breeder

Capacity of housing 75 thousand birds to obtain high quality commercial layer chicks


At Sushant, we have always strived to be a responsible citizen in every geography that we operate in.


It is the policy of Sushant group to consistently meet or exceed our costumer’s expectations.


Building upon the superior quality product. Enhance the quality of life for customers.

Parent Stock Layer Operations

We have proven track record of bringing the best out of Bovans White. We are integrated with controlled house with better hygiene and safe environment that help us to maintain quality livestock.

Hatchery Operations

We have best incubators to maintain optimal temperature, humidity and oxygen level which produce high quality day old chicks.

Breeder Farm

The breeder farm produces fertile eggs that will be hatched .

Layer Breeds

According to the nature and color of egg, layer hens are of two types.


It contains machines for holding and incubating large numbers of eggs.

Incubation and hatching

Eggs are set in trays marked with the shed of origin.

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A vision of creating a new milestone in the area of breeding, growing and providing the best poultry DOCs for domestic market.


It is the policy of sushant group to consistently meet or exceed our
costumer’s expectations for product quality. Quality is not just
a goal for us, it is our basic strategy.